Caerphilly County Borough Council is keen to inform residents of the details of a Plant Health Order from Natural Resources Wales, which will see a row of 15 infected Larch trees felled in Ystrad Mynach Park later this month.

Natural Resources Wales wrote to Caerphilly County Borough Council at the end of October to inform them of the discovery of ‘Phytophothora ramorum’, which are fungus-like organisms that cause diseases that can affect trees and shrubs, in a row of trees in the popular Ystrad Mynach Park.

While these organisms pose no danger at all to humans, the air-borne organisms are easily transferable to other trees and shrubs, and as a consequence, the 15 identified infected trees will need to be felled, with works expected to take place in late November/early December.

Cllr David Poole, Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure Services said, “It is such a real shame that these magnificent trees need to be felled in Ystrad Mynach Park, however with the imposition of this Plant Health Order and the fact that the organism is as easily transferable to other trees and shrubs as it is, we really have no other option”.

The council anticipate minimal disruption to the park while works are undertaken, however a small section of the park in the vicinity of where the row of trees are (adjacent to the boundary with Penallta Rugby Club), will have to be temporarily closed off to members of the public while the trees are felled. Access will be maintained to those who require it to Trinity Fields School during this very short period of time.

Once the timber is removed from the site, the surrounding area will be cleared and left to settle. The timber will be sold to a local timber merchant – which can be used and has a number of uses – and the money raised from the sale will be used to purchase new trees to replace the ones that were felled.

Cllr Poole continued, “A row of new ornamental mixed trees, including broad leaf varieties, will be planted in February. These species will be selected to provide future cover and shade to users of the park, as well as autumn colour to enhance the visual appeal of the area. We would like to thank members of the community for their support in advance of these vital works”.

For further information on the works, please call 01443 811120, Dave Beveridge / Paul Harris.