The evolution of our modern day high street is being chartered in a new BBC2 series ‘Back in Time‘. The programmes feature a modern day family the Ashby Hawkins as they journey through the decades starting in 1950.

In the first programme the family swap their gadget filled lifestyle for the austerity of the 1950’s. As they travel through the decade they witness the birth of modern day consumerism and the arrival of revolutionary household appliances: the washing machine, the fridge and the vacuum cleaner. These new products drastically changed not only people’s lives, but also how they shopped for home furnishings and heralded the introduction of higher purchase (HP).

In the next programme to be shown on 9th February at 8pm, the family enter the 1960’s where they experience the cultural explosion of music, fashion and clothes which would again alter the face of our high street’s.


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