We were invited to something a little different, a provocative cocktail of feathers, sequins, dancers and tassels; an evening with the unforgettable burlesque performers of kiss me quick.

Cardiff Cabaret TroopIt’s a warm and sunny Saturday evening in Newbridge, South Wales. Walking into the nostalgic 19th century memorial hall of Newbridge Memo proves to be an enriching and relaxing haven; free from the chaotic madness of the M4 traffic. The memorial hall was built in memory of the 75 residents of Newbridge who lost their lives during World War 1. Originally it was intended to be a reception in loving memory and celebration of what would have been their homecoming. Today however, we are here for an entirely different occasion, a celebration of the theatrical 1840s art form of striptease with the fabulous seaside burlesque show, “Kiss Me Quick”.


Tonight, whilst still maintaining it’s endearing character, the historic memorial hall is a provocative cocktail of feathers, sequins, dancers and tassels. Excitement fills the air as the crowd begin to fill the theatre and take their seats. The lights soon go down and the show is about to begin.

Seaside Burlesque Show, Kiss Me Quick - 1 - Kheski KoblerFirst on stage (or attempting to climb up on it) is the beautiful and ever so tipsy Kheski Kobler. Kheski is both hilarious and seductive as she struggles to undress in front of a very amused yet encouraging crowd. She is warmly received and sets the scene perfectly with her staggeringly quirky performance.

The charming host, FooFoo Labelle entertains the crowd throughout the evening as she warmly welcomes each performer to the stage.

Seaside Burlesque Show, Kiss Me Quick - 7The individual acts are complimented by the impressive, “Cardiff Cabaret Troop”; a wonderful group of dancers with a mixture of all shapes, sizes and ages. Their performances include a fond tribute to the 80’s with a fun and energetic work-out routine. Dancers dressed in leg warmers and brightly coloured leotards fill the stage, each seductively dancing with their only prop, a chair.

During the evening, we were lucky enough to spend some time with some of the dancers to find out what it was that made them want to perform so intimately in front of a crowd of strangers. One young, local lady told us how she had always longed to entertain on stage but had been too afraid to do so. Burlesque dancing classes have given her the confidence and opportunity to achieve her dream.

Another dancer tells us how she decided to try Burlesque as a fun way to keep fit and lose weight. After starting in January, she has already lost an impressive 14 pounds!

“Kiss Me Quick” is a show that is proud to demonstrate a wide variety of individual and talented acts, each one special in their own way. The lonely walrus Pinkie T’boo wins the heart of the audience immediately with her attempt at on-line dating and the creative performance that follows. She soon has the entire crowd on her side and singing along to the Beatles classic “I am the Walrus, Coo-coo-ca-choo!

The seaside theme was fantastically brought to life by the Cardiff Cabaret Troop who return with a retro, 1940’s inspired seaside attire, accompanied by a perfectly synchronised flag routine. Their dedication and eagerness to engage and energise the crowd is inspiring.

Cardiff Cabaret Troop

Lou SafireProving that the art of Burlesque is not just for the ladies, the award winning Lou Safire entices the crowd with his dramatic fire breathing act. Voted in the top 10 burlesque performers in the world last year, Lou Safire gives the show a slightly darker edge. The audience watch on in disbelief as he shocks and astounds them with each crack of his whip.

The word burlesque derives from the Italian expression, “burla” – a fun joke, ridicule or mockery intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner of something serious. No one demonstrates this concept better than Kheski Kobler. Kheski KoblerNow seemingly having sobered up from her first act, Kheski takes to the stage this time as a light shade with legs. Her surreal and imaginative performance leaves the audience in stitches and cheering for more.

We arrived at the “Kiss Me Quick” Seaside Show not knowing entirely what to expect, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Burlesque gives everyone the opportunity to be a star. Regardless of your shape, size or gender, it is an art form proving that through dedication, hard work and a bit of humour, we can all be empowered to have the confidence to express ourselves in any way we chose to and have a lot of fun in doing so!

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Article by Samantha Swindlehurst, photography by Neil Swindlehurst.