“Two men, in a shed, in Risca” have launched a crowd funding campaign to get their BAFTA award winning BBC TV series Rhod Gilbert series out on DVD.

In an “it won’t happen without you” venture the local video production team Rhys Waters and Nathan Mackintosh from Zipline Creative are hoping to join with fans and release the DVD box set complete with exclusive extras & limited edition backer rewards.

You can check out the project and what’s on offer here.

Rhys said:

It’s a bit of a valleys underdog story, since we are two men, in a shed, in Risca, trying to compete with the likes of Universal and 20th Century Fox.

From their Kickstarter campaign:

Without your help there is a very good chance Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience will never be available to fans to own at home in any format.

Some of the episodes include

Series 4, Episode 2: Scout Leader If anyone’s a role model for children, it’s not Rhod Gilbert. Using a total lack of navigation skills, non-existent wilderness awareness and general ignorance of anything outdoors, Rhod puts on his woggle and leads a scout camp.

Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience - Scout Leader


Series 3, Episode 1: Primary School Teacher (*Producers Series 3 Favourite!) Rhod takes charge as a primary school’s newest teacher. Featuring arts, crafts, English, maths, and desperately funny kid based chaos.
Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience - Primary School Teacher
Check out their Get Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience on DVD + bonus features Kickstarter project to see the full episode listings.