When the Manic Street Preachers¬†frontman James Dean Bradfield is in Blackwood and needs some new guitar strings he goes to see his friend Simon Fowler who runs Rusty’s Guitars & Retro Store.

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Previously, Simon and his wife Trish ran Must Have Music for over 12 years and now they have relocated to Emily’s Indoor Market situated above Wilko’s on Blackwood High Street. Rusty’s Guitars & Retro Store sells a wide range of guitars and accessories including strings, sheet music & amplifiers as well as diversifying into pre-owned computer games and film merchandise.

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Simon said:

At Rusty’s Guitars & Retro Store our aim is to get people to ‘Rock ‘n’ Shop local’. When someone wants to buy a guitar from us we spend time making sure they choose the right one for them. Selling someone a guitar is the just the start of a long-term relationship with our customers as we help them enjoy their music.

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