From postal workers to bus drivers, shop workers to office staff, all can be found patiently queuing at the door of Cwm Bakery waiting for their turn to buy a hand made roll, a freshly baked pasty or simply pick up a loaf of locally sourced bread.

Cwm Bakery 2

The bakery is located on the corner of Gravel Lane and the Market Place in Blackwood town centre and has been run since 2009 by Nathan Bram. Before deciding to run his own business, Nathan worked in a factory but always had an interest in food and baking.

Cwm Bakery 4
Nathan said:

As a business Cwm Bakery diversifies a lot, as well as selling a range of products in the shop we also run a delivery service to local factories and offices. It’s hard work running a business but I love being my own boss

Cwm Bakery 3


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