Last weekend, the Go 2 My Town team were lucky enough to count themselves amongst the 80,000 visitors attending the Big Cheese festival in the heart of Caerphilly.

The charming collection of food stalls, re-enactments, entertainers and fairground rides, magically complimented the historic gardens of the second largest castle in Great Britain.

Battle Re-enactiments 3

Accompanied by the warm and brilliant sunshine, the castle walls; deeply enriched with historic tales, effortlessly enticed thousands to one of the most beautiful buildings of the 13th century in the heart of South Wales.

What historian Allen Brown could only describe as “the most elaborate water defences in all of Britain”, the magnificent surroundings proved to be the perfect setting to present the unique heritage and culture of Caerphilly.Owl - The Big Cheese - Caerphilly

An exciting combination of artists, musicians, traders, and animal handlers beautifully decorate the castle grounds. The historic costumes and smell of the traditional medieval cooking enlightens your senses as you are transformed to the ancient 13th century. Historic re-enactment demonstrations entertain the crowd whilst the art of ancient candle and coin makers proves to be a popular choice with visitors.

Falconry - The Big Cheese - CaerphillyOne of the highlights of the weekend was the impressive Falconry show. A magnificent collection of birds including Vultures, Eagles and the adorable European Eagle, “Popeye” who dared to fly so close over the brave volunteers lying on the ground; they could almost feel the feathers gracefully sweeping across their astonished faces.

The birds weren’t the only animals to greet the guests over the weekend. An exotic animal tent accommodated a variety of different snakes, insects and spiders all just as eager to make new friends with the visitors.

The impressive and daring fun fair rides attracted the more adventurous visitors of the festival, though the ghost train, game stalls and fun house proved to be a great hit with the younger crowd. Alongside the funfair, an inspiring variety of talented musicians continued to tempt visitors to the music tent throughout the afternoon and late into the evening.

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