Every year Bryn Meadows Golf, Hotel & Spa hold a golfing tournament with the aim of raising funds for national charity Meningitis Now, with this year’s taking place on Thursday 8th September.

The Brian Mayo Golf Day is held annually at Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel & Spa. The event was first hosted in 1989 when the original proprietor of the resort, Mr Brian Mayo lost both of his legs from contracting Meningitis.

It was an unusual ritual that led to Mr Mayo contracting Meningitis and it is believed that he contracted the virus after licking a golf ball contaminated by weed killer. He was back on the golf course six weeks after leaving hospital, using his Mercedes as a golf cart.Annual Brian Mayo Golf Day in aid of Meningitis Now

This year’s event is a full house, with all holes on the golf course covered and local companies donating gifts and auction items for those taking part. The teams will arrive for breakfast rolls on Thursday 8th September, ready to start at 11am with a shotgun start. Afterwards there is a BBQ in Winners Bar, followed by the auction, prize giving and entertainment.

Mr Mayo died in 1999, but his family the owners of Bryn Meadows, still carry on the tournament in his memory. His wife Mrs Fay Mayo said:

He was in a coma for 11 days and then woke up. The only thing they could attribute it to was the weedkiller on the greens.

Current owner of the resort Mr Gary Mayo, said his father was inspired to pick up his golf clubs again after reading a book in hospital.

The thing that got him into amputee golf was Douglas Bader, the World War II pilot who lost both of his legs. My dad read the book about him after he had his legs amputated and also got the opportunity to meet him. He really inspired my dad, and was his hero.

The money raised on the day will be donated to the charity Meningitis Now who use the donations to research into live saving vaccines and spreading disease awareness, and also change lives after Meningitis with specialist support and helping to people and families to rebuild their futures. For example, can provide someone suffering with the after effects of Meningitis with an hour of emotional support from a specialist counsellor, or a valuable day out with the family, or even just to educate us all on the symptoms and signs.

This event has been supported by many of Bryn Meadows partners including sponsors Clearsky Recruitment. Other teams include Barclays Bank, Disability In Sport, Castell Howell Foods, S3 Advertising and Rio Architects to name a few. With donations from Heineken, Sabre Computers, Thomas Carroll and Soda Bar. (A full list of both are available on request).

Mr Gary Mayo added:

I’m thoroughly looking forward to this year’s event. I’m delighted in the number of teams we have taking part, and the numerous others who have stepped forward to support the occasion. I’m very grateful to everyone for their contribution, and the overall success of the day. Plus I’m proud to continue assisting Meningitis Now. They were there for my family when it was needed, and I glad that I can continue to return the favour with our annual golf day.