Once again Cwm a Mynydd and the South Wales Rural Development Programme Teams, Cywain and Farmers’ Union of Wales invite you to a Workshop and networking event to be held on 18th October at Cowbridge and 19th October in Abergavenny.

Foodies Collage

The event will focus on marketing and branding, with a talk and discussion led by Tessa Stuart, best selling author of ‘Packed – The Food Entrepreneur’s Guide: How to Get Noticed and How to Be Loved’ and ‘Flying Off the Shelves: The Food Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selling’.

The Abergavenny event will also feature the Abergavenny Food Festival Team talking about ‘How to get in, in 2017’ and Robb Merchant from Whitecastle Vinyard providing insights from their producer business. BakedByMel will be talking about her business, product and experiences at the Cowbridge event. Both events will feature a number of social media workshops that are optional and of course space for networking.



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