Join Sleep Out and raise money to change the lives of homeless young people in Wales

llamau-sleep-outCardiff City Football Club November 10th

Imagine having no one to rely on, no one to trust. Imagine facing homelessness with no one to help and support you. Can you begin to imagine where you would go, what you would do?

For thousands of young people in Wales, it’s something they don’t have to imagine. It’s the stark reality they face.

Here’s Leah’s story:

I’d had a pretty rough childhood. My father was in and out of prison and my mother became addicted to drugs soon after I was born. As a result, I was taken into care before I was a year old.

I moved from placement to placement, never really settling in, never really trusting anyone or feeling like I belonged anywhere. My mum committed suicide just a few days before I was 17 and I couldn’t cope. I couldn’t stand the latest family I was with and I didn’t know where I was going. I came to Llamau broken and angry. 

Sandra, my support worker, listened to me and dealt with my behaviour as I struggled to deal with my mum’s death. She was the first person that actually heard what I had to say. She helped me grieve for my mother.

I’ve just moved out of the Llamau project after two years, and I’m a different person. Sandra encouraged me to go to Learning 4 Life to get my confidence back and soon after I got a a qualification in Childcare and Health & Social Care at the local college. I’m going back this September to continue studying.

Sleep Out is your chance to change the life of a young person like Leah.
For just one night, swap your bed for a sleeping bag and raise money so that Llamau can be there for homeless young people with nowhere to turn.

Join the hundreds of others sleeping out this November for a fantastic night you’ll never forget.

We believe that no young person should ever experience homelessness. But we need your support. Sign up to take part in Sleep Out today.