Have you got a strategy to exploit BRExit ?

Caerphilly Business Forum want to help you gear up for business success in the wake of BRExit.

As a business owner/director/key decision maker in a business based in West Wales and the Valleys ally at the commercial opportunities and challenges of BRExit and offer you strategies for business success.

Did you know that all Welsh Universities have been tasked with supporting the wider business community?  As part of that desire to equip Welsh businesses for future business success ION leadership is running this workshop in partnership with CBF.

This  workshop draws on our experts’ real commercial experience and will help you identify, and plan to address, the opportunities and challenges that BRExit brings to your businesses.

This interactive  2 hour session will give you:

  • a clear view of the opportunities and challenges;
  • a plan to create the right conditions for business success;
  • a flexible approach to be able to react to a constantly changing business environment over the next 2-3 years.


So why not accept our invitation and get your head start in the race for economic success?

Tuesday 13th September 2016 – Coleg y Cymoedd in Ystrad Mynach

3.30pm arrival  till  6.00pm with buffet and refreshments £10.00 per member


Tickets and event details: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/have-you-got-a-strategy-to-exploit-brexit-tickets-27281105521#tickets